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Not a grain of doubt

We grew up in different parts of NorthEast India. Rice and tea were staples in our respective households, along with fresh fruit and vegetables that were “indigenous” and “unfamiliar” to many sections of India and the world. As we grew older, we realized that food is the most vibrant thread woven into the tapestry of North Eastern culture. This sparked in us an innate desire to share our unique cuisine with more and more people. More than anything, we wanted to kindle an appreciation for the wide range of flavors that it offers—from the subtle bamboo shoot to the feisty ghost pepper. We wanted to make our “exotic” food accessible while retaining its quality and, in essence, its cultural value.

Our Founders

Ananya can very well be called a fair representation of her name. Like all of us, she has her own “unique” story—one that began in a remote town in upper Assam,surrounded by vivid greenery and parents who were passionate about growing their own food. For many years, she found herself caught up in the metropolitan dream, only to give in to the tug of her roots. After 5 years of pursuing an MBA and a job in Deloitte, Hyderabad, she came back to Assam, renewing her commitment to her community and culture.

Suraj grew up as an attentive pupil of Nat Geo and Discovery channels. As nature became one of his earliest mentors, he found himself naturally drawn to teaching as a profession. However, when he lost his job during the pandemic, he was faced with the unexpected vulnerability of his position and of those around him. As he volunteered for a local NGO, he understood the importance of working for one’s community. These experiences collectively compelled him to embark on a unique journey with his co-founder—a journey that was collaborative, sustainable, and brought him immense satisfaction. The Sage Journey.

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